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Our Purpose:

This is a movement … it’s a shift in our thoughts and attitude to how we deal with the negativity that cancer brings upon us. We can be depressed or we can stand-up and move forward. “F&CK CANCER” is about taking back control of your life and turning all that negativity into something good for the community or for yourself. Raise money for a charity, run a marathon, compete in an Ironman, volunteer … it doesn’t matter.

Michelle Weiser:

My name is Dustin and this site is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Michelle Weiser. She was a one-of-a-kind woman with a lust for life.

Here is a video that captures her spirit, smile and energy. What does it have to do with this site? Everything! Her spirit and lust for life I think many of you can find in yourself. The video ends with the trips we went on (most while she battled cancer) … why is this important and why am I sharing with you? This is how she wanted people to remember her … she didn’t take the fight sitting down … she took control of what she could and lived each and every day with a smile and to the fullest.

This is something we should all remember in whatever we face!